Workshop Coffee

A love of great coffee is what we aim to share with our family. Our specially selected blends are supplied by the best roasters in the country. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled baristas, we will deliver your favourite brew bursting with true coffee flavours. Our suppliers, Square Mile and Workshop Coffee, scour the world in search of the best seasonally available beans.


Any time is the right time to compliment your coffee with our fresh baked scones, muffins and carrot cake.  We prepare our bakery products daily and only use the best ingredients from local suppliers.


Our freshly prepared salads are full of health goodness.  We select only the best ingredients from local suppliers and mix it all up into a fusion of taste to leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.


On a cold day there is nothing better than sampling one of our many flavoursome soups, freshly prepared that day.  Please ask us for our soup of the day at the counter when you arrive or when you take a seat.


Our rustic breads all begin with organic stone-ground wheat, water and salt. We then add grains and seeds to create variety; alternatively we process with natural sourdough to deliver a roll with a higher mineral and vitamin content but a lower carbohydrate rating. From this traditional foundation we create sandwiches jam-packed with flavour in tried and trusted combinations with the occasional twist.